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A technologycal  company founded in 2020.

A corporate spin-off of the UANL. 

Optic Industries is the company dedicated  to the production of refractometers.

Our mission is to provide refractometers to all those companies need it.


Solving a global problem

- Industrial/ Academic / Government / Institutions 




There is a problem in the soft drink, beer, petrochemical, health industry, and water treatment industries; the problem they have is in quality control, this is due to a failure in the measurement of the refractive index. The refractive index helps us to know how pure or contaminated a sample is.


Technical information

of our product



It consists of an optical fiber-based setup and light source.  It determines the refractive index of liquids and semi-transparent materials without the requirement of physical contact. It exhibits good accuracy and resolution better than (10-4) RIU.

Test time less than 15 s.


Contact information

We have the solution you are looking for

Address: Pedro de Alba, Niños Héroes, Ciudad Universitaria, 66451 San Nicolás de los Garza, Nuevo León, Mexico

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