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Prof. Romeo Selvas (Ph.D.)


Prof Selvas received his B.S degree in electronics from the Tuxtla Gutierrez Institute Technology and an MSc. on Optics from the National Institute for Astrophysics, Optics, and Electronics, Mexico, respectively, in 1995 and 1998. During his MSc. thesis work, he focused on the investigation of an erbium-doped single-mode fiber laser. From 1998 through 2003, he worked towards his Ph.D. at the Optoelectronics Research Centre of the University of Southampton in England, where Selvas´s Ph.D. thesis was concentrated on high-power ytterbium-and-neodymium-doped fiber lasers. His research work up to date resulted in over 50 publications in scientific journals (JCR) and 6 patents. The collaboration with his colleagues at ORC led to several record-breakings and many world´s first demonstrations of different photonics sources. His current research interests are on high-power fiber lasers, nonlinear optics, and fiber sensors for telecom, sustainable energy, Smart City, and industrial applications.

9vo. Simposio de Óptica Aplicada, Sustentabilidad y Energias (SOASE 2020)
Photonics and Energy Group Seminars
List of Members of the Group
Premio UANL a la Invención-2020 (*)

Dear Friends and colleagues,

I have an excellent opportunity to show all the work carried out by my co-workers and students during the last years. 

It is an honor to work with them and produce as much knowledge as possible and new results all related to photonics. 

I formed the Student Chapters at the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon in 2008,

The (*) UANL SPIE Student Chapter: The International Society for Optics and Photonics ​(WEB)

The UANL OSA Student Chapter: The Optical Society of American

I also want to thank many institutions and companies that have helped in the pursuit of the research work that I conduct over the years with my team. Without these grants, the progress in optics at the FLG would be different and I appreciate those who have supported me.  


As the leading researcher of my group, I organized a series of events every year, where I invited several national and international researchers to share their research-scientific work in the areas of sustainability and optics and strengthen agreements and collaboration plans between our universities.

The Symposium on Applied Optics, Sustainability, and Energy was organized at UANL every year, and these events enable us to meet with outstanding researchers.

8th SOASE 2019

7th SOASE 2018

6th S0ASE 2017

5th SOASE 2016

4th SOASE 2015

3rd SOASE 2014

2nd SOASE 2013

1st SOASE 2012

Additionally, I also organized two international events.



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